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After Effects Work

All boards drawn in Clip Studio Paint. All videos edited in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Kinetic Typography Project

This was the first motion project I did for school. The assignment was simple: using Adobe After Effects, create a 30-second video using motion graphics set to a song of our choice.


I chose "My Life is Better with You" as it is the theme song for my favorite podcast. I tried to capture a summer vacation at the lake by using bright colors and graphics of vacation-type items such as sunglasses.​

Music: "My Life is Better with You" by Montaigne

'Loki' Opening Sequence Effect

In my junior year of college, we began working with After Effects to make more motion graphic videos than ever before. Because we were new to the process, we were instructed to follow video tutorials detailing how to create the specific effects. 


The video I produced recreates the Loki introduction using the name Epeus (a character played by my friend TJ in a TTRPG campaign), using 10 different font families. The music used is similar to the music used in Loki: a mystical sci-fi theme with a hint of mystery.

Money Texture Effect

For this video, I took a stock video and, using Adobe After Effects, made it look as if it was made out of the same paper used to make American dollar bills. The effect utilizes strokes, tints, curves, and more.

Hand-Drawn Effect

This video was created using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. The pencil was created in Illustrator and imported into After Effects. From there, I used the start and end effects on the line to make it appear and then changed the positioning and rotation of the pencil to give the illusion that it was drawing the line. 

Shape Morph Effect

This was one of the more simple videos I created for my college classes. Using shape path, positioning, and rotation keyframes on the two different shapes, I made it appear as if the triangle morphed into a square.​

Butter Melting Effect

This video was one of the hardest I created for my classes. The final product utilized Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. After Effects was used to make the letters appear as if they were melting (using gaussian blur, shape paths, and masking), while Photoshop was used to color, shade and highlight each individual frame of the animation to emphasize the effect.

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