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Storyboard Animatics

All boards drawn in Clip Studio Paint. All videos edited in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Guns for Hire 

What began as a fleeting idea turned into a months-long passion project. After my character, Rory, was killed in a TTRPG campaign, I wanted to create something to immortalize the moment. Then, I watched the show Arcane and the song "Guns for Hire" slotted itself perfectly into the scenario.

Summary: When Rory’s team learns a dangerous secret, it tests her loyalty to her city and her friends. She ultimately decides to betray her friends for the good of the city, and, in turn, is killed for her actions. Even to the end, she is certain that she made the right choice. 

Music: "Guns for Hire" by Woodkid from the Netflix original show Arcane

Ready as I'll Ever Be

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I—like many others—struggled to find something to do while trapped inside. Thankfully, I had just finished writing the climax of my original “Elementals” story and decided that it was the perfect time to create something for it.​


Summary: Now that the Corrupt has captured one of each elemental creature and the Mage, and fully possessed Jackie's body, it prepares for a final showdown with the other Elements and their Hosts. Brianna finds herself in a leadership position and must finally make peace with her Elemental if she wants to put an end to the fighting. ​

Music: "Ready as I'll Ever Be" from the Disney Channel original show Rapunzel's Tangled Adventures 

Taking Chances

Kate Micucci's song holds just the right amount of sweetness and hope for the story I wanted to tell in this animatic. Although it's unfinished, this video is one of my favorites—if only for the small moments between Phillip and Zee that truly show their relationship.  


Summary: Zee has always been alone and tormented by her unearthly appearance. The latter has been the source of her greatest insecurities and has proven itself to be a danger to everyone she loves. But those same people still accept her for who she is—and with the help of her friends and her boyfriend, Phillip, she finally learns to love herself.


Music: "Taking Chances" by Kate Micucci

Bad Bad Things

There is a line further into “Bad Bad Things” that goes "If I don't go to Hell when I die, I might go to Heaven," which is a perfect explanation for how the antagonist, Nathan, justifies his own actions. While incredibly dark, this song encapsulates the panic and insanity of the situation that Zee finds herself in. I used purple tones highlighted with violent reds to show the terrible things happening in Zee's life.


Summary: The death of Zee's family has always been a mystery—that is until their killer comes to her town to finish what he started. Nathan is without remorse, harming Zee's friends as he attempts to kill her too. 


Music: "Bad Bad Things" by AJJ

Hurt Incantation

After I completed my "Ready as I'll Ever Be" video, I was on a bit of an animatics kick. While producing this video, I fell in love with how eerie and almost hopeless the music is as the singer loses themself to this unknown magic and energy. It fit perfectly with Annie's slow fall into corruption and her longing for something more.


Summary: When Annie begins to experiment with her magic, the other Hosts—especially her best friend Richard—question her methods. But she persists, eventually losing control over her magic and absorbing the energy of every living thing around her. ​


Audio: Disney Channel original show Rapunzel's Tangled Adventures

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